Theunis Botha Big Game Hounds Testimonials

Theunis Botha Big Game Hounds Testimonials

Fellow Hunters

Our motto at Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris is to provide our clients a professional services. There for we only contract professional service providers. Many of our previous clients had the privilege of using the services of Theunis Botha from Theunis Botha Big Game Hounds.

His company and staff is very professional and extremely hard working. He has invested a lot of time, effort and money in creating some of the best dog packs available in Southern Africa. I have worked with him during several safaris now and Theunis personal knowledge of cats is incredible. Needles to say we had an 100% success rate so far which is why we use his company and which is why clients contract him and his hounds to make there cat hunt a success.

Regards Phillip Bronkhorst


Just a note, to say thanks.  I have done a lot of hunting, all over the world, and have never had a better, or more exciting hunt, than the one I had with you, & Peter Thormahlen. 

Please feel free to let anyone contact me, for a reference or testimonial.  

Again, Thanks. 

Dave Hebeisen


I must say You had great dogs, this the shorter of the two leopards I shot.

Anton Dahlgren


I wanted to thank you, your dog handler, Witness, and especially your great pack of tracking hounds for a hunt of a lifetime.  It certainly was an adrenaline-charged number of hours as we chased the leopard and finally shot it at 4 meters.  The hunt is definitely not for the “feint of heart”.  I thought your coordination with my Professional Hunter, Naftali, made for superb teamwork.  Equally, I appreciate everyone’s concern for my safety, yet allowing me to be at the forefront to take the shot.  All in all, I give you my highest recommendation and look forward to hunting with you again.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.


David J. Cordes. M.D.

Caro Theunis, grazie per la bella e passionale caccia che abbiamo avutoinsieme lo scorso agosto. Mi hai fatto vivere un emozione grande con lacaccia al leopardo con i cani, qualcosa di meraviglioso, che mi porteròdentro sempre. Tu e la tua passione per la caccia e i cani mi hanno dato un entusiasmo e una emozione incredibile! La tua professionalità e quella deituoi cani mi hanno piacevolmente stupito e conquistato! Devo svelarti un segreto: quando le cose non vanno e i problemi del quotidiano siinfittiscono, sai cosa faccio....penso alla nostra, mia grande caccia al leopardo..e tutto se ne và, come d incanto!

Your friend Micheal p.s.: thanks for a beautiful period spent together

To all of the hunters out there,

I have known and hunted with Theunis Botha since he was a university student twenty years ago. I have spent many days and nights in the velt with Theunis and his hounds. I have also hunted most of the plains game with Theunis and taken many great trophies and have lots of fond memories of each and every hunt. Over these many years I have spent months with Theunis and his family and feel at home when I am there with them. Theunis is a good friend, a great hunter and hounds-man. If you are looking for a great hunt with a true Theunis and make all of your hunting dreams come true........

Bill Reynolds, Kalispell, Montana USA

When taking dangerous game with archery equipment, you need to ensure  that you work with the best outfitters...for obvious reasons!

Everyone I talked with recommended Theunis and I booked my leopard  hunt.  As the hunt grew near, I received some news with mixed feelings:  Theunis was having a new baby and would not be able to  personally lead my hunt.  I was assured that his staff was quite capable in his absence.  I was not disappointed!  After getting a  large cat to feed on the bait, we were ready.  The professional staff led a thrilling chase for the cat that lasted over 4 hours!  The hounds  were of top quality and stayed with the leopard, even though is was reluctant to tree.  Our fortune turned when the big cat treed and we  took it with an arrow at 17 yards.  What a great hunt!  I definitely recommend Theunis, his staff, and his hounds to anyone looking for a  professional, fair chase, and exciting leopard hunt.

Bert Wegner

Sparks, NV  USA


Brenda and I would like to thank you for not only a great time but a great hunt. You made hunting with hounds for Leopard an experience we will not forget. The work you put in was second to none. The next time we come for Leopard with Hounds there is no doubt who we will want to hunt with. One last thing I would feel better if you had more than a stick in your hands. Thanks again for a great time.


South Africa trip 2007

A fantastic experience!

We got in contact with one of the most experienced professional hunters in South Africa,

who wanted to try the dogo as a hunting dog for leopard and bush pigs.

Peter traveled there with PPC Zodiac, 1,5 year old  and PPC Bronco 7 months old. We want to thank Theunis and family for the trust they had shown us, and for opening their

wonderful home for us......

The weight of the bush pig we caught was between the 30-110 kg.

Read full story on the link below:
Thank you Theunis, Carike, Anton and Maurits and Ida, for the most fantastic experience in my life!


I have used Theunis Botha for our leopard hunts for close on a decade.

Theunis has one of the very few packs in Africa that can regularly take a cold track to conclusion. Our conditions in Mozambique are not always easy, its either too dry or too wet and seldom perfect. However through dedication and hard work Theunis has worked out our cats resulting in a great success rate in taking the huge leopards our areas are well known for. Pictures on his website will no doubt bear testament to this.

Theunis comes well recommended. Mark Haldane – Zambezi Delta Safaris – Mozambique

      “ A todos los cazadores de leopardo;


He tenido el gusto cazar por todos lados del mundo. Desde Alaska, centro Europa, hasta Africa, etc… Todos los destinos visitados han tenido su dificultad a la hora de cazar, pero sin duda alguna la caza del leopardo con perros, es una de las mas emocionantes en la que he participado, por su belleza, por el esfuerzo que requiere, el entorno, y por último un ingrediente muy especial, la nocturnidad.

Es por eso por lo que quiero recomendaros a Theunis como elección para vuestra cacería por distintos motivos.

1. Es una cacería difícil, no en vano hay quien como nosotros lo habíamos intentado en varias ocasiones sin éxito, hasta que conocimos a Theunis,  que fue el único cazador profesional que te puede  garantizar ( en Caza salvaje es muy difícil y mas de este tipo de felino) la probabilidad al 100% de tirar un leopardo.

2. La cacería en la modalidad de espera no tiene nada que ver con la experiencia de cazar de noche, al rastro y con unos perros que debierais conocer como trabajan, es un autentico lujo!. Su vida gira en torno a estos canes que seleccionan, forman, crían y quieren como parte de su propia familia.

3. La Seguridad, que te ofrecen este profesional y sus ayudantes, incluso poniendo en riesgo su propia integridad e intentando por   todos los medios que el cazador se sienta lo mas cómodo posible ( Cazadores normalmente con cierta edad y limitaciones ).

4. Incluso cuando la densidad de felinos sea baja, y aún mas en ese caso, con esta modalidad os asegurais que vais a dar con el“gato “, dada la experiencia de tantos años y de tantos lugares del continente africano donde has desarrollado esta actividad.

La dificultad del entorno, normalmente selva, rocas y demás, que exige de personal altamente cualificado y conocedor del terreno    como estos señores para garantizarte el éxito de la empresa. Por último y antes de despedirme, ponerme a vuestra disposición para cualquier duda o aclaración que necesiteis.


Antonio Crespo

I've hunted all over the world with numerous Outfitters, Guides and Professional Hunters. Without a doubt Theunis is one of the best,

if not THE BEST PH I've hunted with throughout the years. Having him on board makes your hunt a great experience; you can enjoy

a pleasant time during the hunt and assure yourself that with his vast knowledge and experience you'll take home a trophy.

Likewise, Theunis' values and great family have helped him achieve the crest in the hunting division. In brief, you can be sure that

with Theunis you'll experience the hunt of your lifetime.

Saludos de Monterrey, Mexico

Abel Guerra

My name is Ron Lee I live in Oregon. I had the pleasure of having Theunis Botha as my guide in Mozambique. We hunted Leopard and Lion with his pack of fine dogs. Theunis is an interesting and knowledgeable hunter. With his helpI took a fine Tom Leopard. I should have gotten a Lion also, Theunis put me close enough a couple of time but I was unable to get the shot, entirely my fault. I have had both knees replaced in 2008 and want to hunt Lion with him again. Safety is of utmost concern with Theunis. His dog pack and handler are the best I have ever seen. I have hunted Africa several times, but never with a hunting guide that I had as much fun with, or learned as much from.

If you get the opportunity to hunt with him, I am sure it will be the hunt of your life time.

Thank you Theunis

Ron Lee

To Whom It May Concern:

I have spent forty years chasing hounds all over Arizona and consider myself quite experienced in this type of hunting. After spending ten days of my first safari in a tree blind with no success I returned the following year and contracted with Theunis Botha and not only was successful on two leopards in three days I was completely impressed with the ability of his team. We pride ourselves here in Arizona on “dry ground” hunting and thought we had no rivals, I stand corrected. I would highly recommend his services and will make myself available for any questions a potential client might have.

Good Hunting,

Will Garrison

Theunis thank you for a great leopard hunt this past March.  Your dogs and handling team were outstanding and I truly enjoyed hunting with you.  Chasing leopards behind your dogs was an exciting experience and I would recommend it to anyone that loves hound hunting.


Recomendation in Finnish :


Jos olet suunnitellut metsästysmatkaa Afrikkaan tai haluat uusia kokemuksia Afrikasta,voin lämpimästi suositellaTheunis Bothaa.Olen itse ollut useammalla metsästysafarilla Afrikassa ja Theuniksen kanssa metsästäminen on oman kokemukseni mukaan todella antoisaa.

Hänen Afrikan luonnontuntemuksensa ja kykynsä käsitellä muun muossa koiria on poikkeuksellisen hyvä.Myöskin käytännön järjestelyt toimivat tavalla,johon ei voi olla muuta kuin tyytyväinen.


Pentti Hurmerinta

Tampere Finland

To Whom it May Concern

This is to testify that Theunis Botha of Theunis Botha Big Game Hounds has hunted with me in Mozambique on several occasions taking 3 Leopards over his hounds and on one occasion we had to call off the hunt as the Leopard in question was still not mature enough

All the hunts where conducted in an exemplary manner, the hounds displayed impeccable behavior and the ethics where above reproach which left me impressed with the whole operation.

Rui M Rebocho

Dear Theunis

After hunting for over 35 years, your team gave me a new experience “hunting leopard with hounds”, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the hunt, it was filled with excitement and adrenalin. Your team guided me and my client with professionalism all the way, made us feel relaxed. The dogs were wonderful and added a different dimension to life in camp, it was super hearing them howl and when ever they were let out, coming over to greet us all. Totally different to hunting from a blind. Day 4 of the hunt to be next to the tree with the leopard, was mind blowing. Thank you for one of the best hunts I have ever had.

Simon Leach

Traditional Mozambique Safaris

Nacumua Mozambique